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Eye Exam

Comprehensive eye exams to evaluate the entire health of the eye and provide eye health care.

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optometrist near me

The Doctor of Optometry on site, Dr. Wanas, will perform a comprehensive eye exam that looks at the entire eye and visual system to detect eye disorders such as but not limited to glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, and macular degeneration.

optometrist near me

The following listed are examples of what you can expect when you come in for your comprehensive eye exam: Keep in mind this varies from patient to patient depending on their age, health risks, and presenting symptoms and/or complaints.

optometrist near me
optometrist near me

A thorough past medical history

A glimpse of social history to accurately determine the visual demands of each patient, this may include acquiring about your school/work/daily activities


Measurement of visual acuity


Color vision evaluation


Evaluate the health of the eye both exterior and interior using specialized equipment such as biomicroscope, ophthalmoscope, and dilated eye examination when required


Screen for glaucoma by measuring the eye pressure, examining the retina and optic nerve, and performing visual exam to detect peripheral vision loss


Binocular vision assessment

A neurological assessment of the visual system including a review of the pupil reactions, ocular motility, and an assessment of the peripheral vision.


Additional assessment maybe required based on the results of the examination. These may include retinal photography, gonioscopy, corneal pachymetry, optic nerve or macular scans (OCT, ultrasound, contrast sensitivity, automated visual field testing). Some of which are offered at our clinic and can be performed on the same visit.


All the examination results are used to determine the appropriate prescription lenses required, to develop a program of eye training exercises, or to recommend medical or surgical treatment.

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